Health Care

Medical facilities take a special and careful approach. After all, your patients and visitors judge your entire organization through their perception of its cleanliness—one dirty bathroom or hallway can ruin your reputation. A clean and sanitary environment will not only mean a safer facility but also higher patient satisfaction scores and successful audits.

Our team members are specially trained to handle and dispose of hazardous materials. They also understand the importance of sanitization and making sure every work space is properly sterilized to prevent the spread of germs. Our on-site supervisor will work directly with your crew to develop a cleaning plan that suits your needs.

Hospital-Grade Clean

  • More powerful disinfectants

    We use advanced cleaning solutions designed for health care environments.

  • Medical methods

    Our cleaning processes are specially designed for clinical settings.

  • Infection-control protocols

    The SG360 process helps reduce the spread of disease and cross-contamination across the facility.

Responsive to Needs

“They’re very responsive when we have a need. And overall, they do a good job."

Director of Environmental Services, Midwest health system